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Theory course

Do you still need to pass your theoretical exam? We have the following options to optimally prepare yourself.

Theory in 2 days, quick theory
This course takes place on Sundays from 13:00-19:30 hrs and Mondays from 7:00-10:00 hrs, followed immediately by the theoretical exam. The course takes place in Rijswijk, close to the examination centre (“CBR”). The costs of this course are € 100.

Online theory course
Studying at home is nowadays the way to study. It does take motivation and discipline, but it does have its advantages if you:

  • Have limited time
  • Need to combine your studies with other activities
  • Value flexibility

The online theory course allows you to study at your own pace and get to know the ins and outs of driving theory in a fun and easy way. You will receive the login details from us, after which you can go through the material and practice separate sections or complete exams.

Directly following a practice session you will see the result and feedback on your screen. You can then analyze what could be improved next time by reading the explanations for each question and answer.

It is important not to start with practicing questions but to first thoroughly study the theory. Once you have mastered the theory you can request a theoretical exam via us. It is recommended to keep a theory book as a reference.

Quick and easy

Free online theory with exam training

If you would like to sign up for our online theory course, please contact us.

The theory exam consists of two parts:
25 questions on danger recognition
- At least 13 questions have to be answered correctly
40 questions on traffic rules and traffic insight
- At least 35 questions have to be answered correctly

The exam takes at approximately 45 minutes and the costs are € 49.

You have to bring a valid identification document to the exam.


‚ÄčTheory complete package

Theory online €   0
Theory book € 20
USB-stick with practice exam € 20
Theoretical exam € 49
Total € 89


Theory book € 25
USB-stick € 25
Theorybox € 69
(theory book + internet access card for 15 hours)


Price changes and typographical errors with reservation.