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  • students' experience

    Matthijs from The Hague:

    “I am very satisfied with the driving school and my instructor Linda! Great guidance and explanations!”

    students' experience

    Jolinda from Delft:

    “Very friendly and competent. I will never forget to anticipate situations when driving. I have positive memories of my driving lessons.”

  • students' experience

    Mannan from Rotterdam:

    “The driving instructor is very patient, and it is a pleasure to learn driving from him. If something goes wrong, he points the mistake out to me and explains it patiently.”

    students' experience

    Mike from Gouda:

    “Took driving lessons with Remy, very enjoyable and reliable instructor. Passed the exam at once!”

Leading driving school

For 29 years we have been one of the leading driving schools in Rotterdam, The Hague and surroundings.

Our team consists of experienced and certified driving instructor as well as qualified and customer-driven personnel who can help you by telephone, email or face-to-face. Our driving instructors regularly take courses to stay current on rules and regulations.

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At our driving school, you can choose a package that fits you. The packages start from 16 driving lessons onwards. After 16 driving lessons, you will know your learning speed and can determine, together with your instructor, how many additional driving lessons are needed and which follow-up package is the best choice. Follow-up packages are simply multiple driving lessons that you purchase for the package rate of € 27,50 (€ 27 for students) instead of the single lesson rate of € 30.

To be able to apply for your driving license, you must actively authorize driving school.
You can do this on the CBR page.
You have to log in with your DigiD.
Also asked for our driving school number, our driving school number is: 0003U7

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