Packages / prices

Our lessons last 50 minutes and are combined in “blocks” of 100 minutes. This is because of the effectivity.
Are you a student? The lessons costs €69 for 100 minutes.
If you are not a student the lessons are €71 for 100 minutes.

If you prefer to drive 50 minutes at a time you can choose for single lessons, these are €37,00 per lesson.
Refresher lessons are €74 for 100 minutes.

We give the driving lessons in manual cars. It’s not possible to take lessons for automatic drivers license.

Trial lesson €40,00 for 100 minutes

Basic package

8 x 100 minutes + practical exam (you can combine this package with our follow-up packages)

Regular € 850,50
Student € 834,50

Follow-up packages

Number of lessons Regular Student
€ 71 p.100 mins € 69 p.100 mins
 7 x 100 minutes € 497,00 € 483,00
 9 x 100 minutes € 639,00 € 621,00
11 x 100 minutes € 781,00 € 759,00
13 x 100 minutes € 923,00 € 897,00
15 x 100 minutes € 1065,00 € 1035,00
17 x 100 minutes € 1207,00 € 1173,00
19 x 100 minutes € 1349,00 € 1311,00

Remaining rates

Midterm practical exam €  177,50
Practical exam €  237,50
Theoretical-exam €   75,00
Theory book €   37,50
15 hrs online practice €   37,50
Car usage practical exam €  45,00
Car usage midterm practical exam Lesson

Fast-paced or at your own convenience


18 x 100 minutes + midterm practical exam + practical exam incl. car usage:

Normal € 1738,00
Student € 1702,00

22 x 100 minutes + midterm practical exam + practical exam incl. car usage:

Normal € 2022,00
Student € 1978,00

*Intermediate test: An intermediate test is a trial exam at the CBR. The test looks similar as the practical exam. This way you can already get used to the final exam. You will receive tips and advices from the examiner. If you complete your special operations properly, you can earn an exemption for those operations on your practical exam. A big advantage is that with the interim test your chance of succeeding is significantly higher then without an interim test.

Paying in instalments is possible

You do not have to pay the regular driver training or package at once. It is possible to choose to pay in instalments or per lesson to the instructor.
Paying forward is possible via our International Bank Account Number (IBAN):

NL71 INGB 0007 7846 41
Rijschool Actief te Rotterdam

Always mention the name of the candidate, the car number/name of instructor and a description of the payment, e.g. practical exam or 1 driving lesson. Exam rates include the car usage during the practical exam–no hidden fees!

Price changes and typographical errors with reservation.

Absence or foreclosure
Change or cancel an appointment must be communicated at least 48 hours in advance from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 on 010-4781478, otherwise the discussed lesson(s) will be charged to you.

actief rijschool borden

Driver’s education test

Before you can apply to take the practical exam, you first need to pass for your driver’s education test. We advise you to start preparing for your drivers’s education test while you are taking the practical lessons, by doing so you will find that studying for your test will become easier due to the real life examples and situations you will face and practice during your practical lessons. Your practical lessons will also go more smootlhy, once you have grasped the knowlegde from your driver’s education.

We can provide you with some of the essential learning materials, as the driver’s education books and a USB-Stick containing trial exams.

Don’t like studying from a book? Our online theory course is a great alternative.
During this extensive online theory course, you will learn through fun interactive videos and practice exam questions just like a classical course.

This is a complete course, including a digital coach, who will decide the order of your course.

In case you make a lot of mistakes in a particular part of the course, you will be able to repeat this part of the course.

The online cost €60,00, with a temporary 50% discount!

The theory course is available for moped (AM), motorcycle (A) and car (B). The course for car theory is also available in English.

Interested in this course? Contact us or your driving instructor for further application.
After payment has been received you will receive QR code through e-mail to activate the course.

The theory exam consist of three components:
25 questions on hazard perception
• You must answer at least 13 questions correctly to pass.
12 questions on traffic knowledge
• You must answer at least 10 questions correctly to pass.
28 questions on traffic insight
• You must answer at least 25 questions correctly to pass.

The exam takes approximately 30 minutes in total and the cost €75,-.


Driver’s education complete package

Driver’s education book
Card with 15hrs online practice
Theoretical exam
Totaal € 140,00

If you want us to send the book or/and card to your home, this will costs €8,50 extra.


Driver’s education book € 37,50
Card with 15hrs online practice € 37,50


Price changes and typographical errors with reservation.

actief rijschool autoles

Guided driving

Start learning how to drive from your 16th birthday onwards

On 1 November 2011 guided driving in the Netherlands from the age of 16 onwards has kicked off. Our driving school also offers guided driving.
From the moment that you reach the age of 16 you are eligible for partaking in the theoretical exam. If you pass this exam you may start taking driving lessons from the age of 16.5. Teenagers who are 17 years or older on 1 November 2011 may partake in the practical exam.
After obtaining your driver’s license you then have to drive under guidance until the age of 18. You can register a total of 5 “guiding passengers”. Their names will be printed on a driver guides card.

There are conditions tied to the guiding passengers. De guiding passenger:

  • posseses a driver’s license for at least 10 years and carries this license when guiding the under-age driver
  • has not been convicted criminally for violating traffic laws
  • has not participated in behavorial change courses, e.g. for drunk driving
  • has not been checked regarding driving skills or fitness to drive in the past
  • has not consumed alcohol, drugs or medicines when guiding

Minority of the driver

Since the candidate-driver is a minor, a written explanation of one of the parents or legal representative should be presented. The under-age driver is legally the driver of the vehicle and therefore responsible for his/her own actions while controlling the vehicle.

rijschool actief rotterdam den haag

Sanctions when driving without a guiding passenger

If the minor drives without a guiding passenger, the driver’s license will be declared invalid. This means that the minor will have to wait until the age of 18 to again pass the theoretical and practical exam. Additionally, the minor is responsible for you guiding passenger. If the guiding passenger is not in a sober condition when guiding the minor, the minor also has to pass the theoretical and practical exam again after reaching the age of 18.

Fewer traffic fatalities due to guided driving

By allowing adolescents start learning how to drive to a younger age they will be more experienced when they hit the road independently. The Institute for Road Safety Research (“SWOV”) has calculated that guided driving for 17-year-olds in the Netherlands prevents 16 traffic fatalities per year.