Motorcycle lessons

Motorcycling has become very popular in recent years. It is a fascinating leisure activity. Evermore people discover the combination of leisure activity and transportation. Touring in the open air, enjoying nature or navigating through traffic jams at your own pace.
Curious if driving a motorcycle is something for you? Plan a non-committal trial lesson with us for €50 for 100 minutes.

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8 AVB lessons (100 minutes each) + AVB exam incl. usage motorcycle: 10% discount, now €767,50


You can start with motorcycling if you are 20 years or older.

The motorcycle lessons are given by certified instructors.

The motorcycle exam consists of 2 parts:

– Vehicle control
– Traffic participation

Vehicle control

These lessons are given on a parking lot and immediately followed by an exam. If you pass this part you can continue with the next part on traffic participation.

Our motorcycle lessons take 100 minutes.

You need to possess theory certificate A. If you possess a driver’s license (B) you can pass the theory during the lessons on traffic participation.

Traffic participation

You will be trained to become a fast-paced, smooth, social and safe traffic participant.

Categorization motorcycle license A

For information about the categorization and admission criteria for practical exams, click here.

Starting location:

Region Rotterdam: Hooidrift 206, 3023 KZ Rotterdam
Region Den Haag: Kleveringweg 16, 2616 LZ Delft

foto motorleerling


Packages Vehicle Control (including exam)

5 x 100 minutes € 587,50
6 x 100 minutes € 663,50
7 x 100 minutes € 739,50
8 x 100 minutes € 815,50
9 x 100 minutes € 891,50
10 x 100 minutes € 967,50

Packages Traffic Participation (including exam)

5 x 100 minutes € 682,50
6 x 100 minutes € 758,50
7 x 100 minutes € 834,50
8 x 100 minutes € 910,50
9 x 100 minutes € 986,50
10 x 100 minutes € 1062,50


Per 50 minutes €   40,50
Exam Vehicle Control € 157,50
Exam Traffic Participation € 252,50
Motorcycle usage per exam €   50,00
Service costs during exam €   40,50

Motor Experience Day

During 3 hours you will get to know the motorcycle. Step by step you will learn what to pay attention to and how to act while motorcycling. Then, you will practice in a closed practice terrain. Clothing and helmet are included. Price: € 130 per person.

Motorrijles Rotterdam